"What does an MCI tape machine sound like ?. The answer is simple, just buy an album from the 70's or 80's, most likely it was recorded on an MCI machine or MCI console. There's literally a who's who of studios and artists that used MCIs over the company's 25 year span: Eric Clapton, Criteria Recording, The Bee Gees, Muscle Shoals Sound, Ray Charles, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Ringo Starr, just to name a few. If you listen to music, you HAVE heard MCI before."


Located in Paris, Studios Mercredi 9 is a unique and comfortable recording studio that blends the best of both analog and digital worlds. Need a laid back and creative atmosphere? Simply step into the labyrinth of classic analog recording gear and vintage instruments filling 130 sq meters of playground for recording, mixing and mastering the beast into tracks. Each mic, pre-amp, effect unit, nook and cranny creates a unique sound to get exactly what you want for your project.

Lafayette : Why Are You

LAFAYETTE's 3rd album. Now as a duet + an additional drummer, their recipe goes straight to the point. One guitar riff, one drum beat and one voice. A dark blues feeling influenced by Detroit's decline.
Recorded in Nashville, the land of this great indie garage sound of the last 4 years (Jack White, The Black Keys, Hanni El Katib,..) by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Benjamin Booker) at the Bomb Shelter, his own studio. Fred Carrayol, parisian master of vintage sound and gears at Studio Mercredi 9, co produced and mixed what is definitly the best album of the band.

Ribbon Addict : Four new

We have just received a pair of ex-BBC, Reslo 'Beeb' ribbon mics by Xaudia Elektrik to add to our collection (Coles, Beyer, Royer...). These are fully refurbished Reslo RB mics that have been converted to BBC specs. These exceptional mics were re-ribboned and re-conditioned with mods by Xaudia and they have never sounded better--warm, colored and vintage tones harking back to the 60's. I have used it already on guitar amps, vocals and room recording for stunningly smooth tops at Mercredi 9.
It sounds fantastic, so just ask for a second pair today...

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New Echo Chamber....

Gold Star Studios is arguably the most famous example of a reverb chamber. Phil Spector made Gold Star his home while recording the early hits of his career, and its reverb chamber played a key role in Phil's infamous "Wall of Sound."
The Studios Mercredi9's echo chamber is only 2×3 sqm, but the cement lining does wonders to enlarge that. We put a cheap 8-inch speaker being picked up by an equally cheap ribbon microphone (bi-directional) and the sound came back to my MCI tape machine in spectacular fashion.


Sony Mxp3000 - 36 channels modified: Custom transformer based Normaphones Micpre L1C(Electrical Audio) x16, Fred Forssel channels x5, modules Avalon Design (Preamp.P3 & Eq.M3).

MCI JH24 - 2 inches - 24 tracks

Protools HDX System with Burl Audio B80 Mothership....

Neumann, Geffell, Coles, Beyer, Akg, ResloSound....

Ampex, Altec, Burl, Vintech, Normaphone Pre....

Urei, Altec, RetroInstruments, Empirical Labs, Summit....

EMT GoldPlate 240, Akg BX20....

Straight Piano, Rhodes, Wutlitzer, Orange, Fender, Marshall, Gretsch...

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Studios Mercredi 9 - 50, Rue du Volga - 75020 Paris / Tel: 0687552717 / Mail: m9@mercredi9.com